About: I'm Joseph Greene, from Michigan.

I moved to Seattle in 2016 from Midland, MI - hence the domain being jgreenemi. In Seattle, working on machine learning and software development projects. Previously, I worked on machine learning at Amazon Halo and Amazon Go, and before that software development at Amazon Web Services.

My public-facing development efforts are on Github. There, you'll find my appreciation for Python and Scala. I also enjoy working in Kotlin, though that is entirely unrepresented in my public commits.

You may know me from such recent projects as:

SHH, SleevesHidingHands, an ML-powered subreddit looking for photos containing a subject in a particular pose with particular attire.

Parris, the automated infrastructure setup tool for machine learning algorithms.

BunAlert, the alert system based on an XKCD comic about buns.

MLPleaseHelp, the simple search engine for machine learning resources.

My career efforts are focused on developing machine learning algorithms for solving real-world problems. I also have spent significant time automating the processes involved with taking algorithms from prototype to production. You wouldn't believe how nice it is to save time on setup when training an ML algorithm, hence projects like Parris.

Outside of the office...

...you can find me producing music under the name Clyde Machine. My most recent two records, Authentic (2016) and Correct Me If I'm Wrong (2015), were released via Better Than Records. Hope you like angry bass music!

Before doing development, I did network engineering. In my time doing this I earned my CCNP R&S, and enabled my team to turn up a brand new AS participating in the global BGP routing table.

Before that, I produced music for The Luminarium international artist collective, and was named a featured exhibit artist.

An image of myself from 2021.

Other Minor Noteworthy Details

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